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Parents and children

An IQ test is more than just a brain-picker; it serves as an accurate lifelong strategy for people, especially parents, to predict the learning tendencies of their children by identifying strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize them.

Normally, children, tend to have a type of intelligence that is a mix of nature and nurture; some of it is genes, some is exposure, and some could even be a little bit of both, but what we do know is that a child’s IQ is how the space in their brain, their intelligence, tends to function given every single aspect of impact.

This is usually what parents are curious about; they want to know the magnitude at which the brain functions, to see what they can make up for to ensure a prosperous future.

Salvage certain learning disabilities at an early age because not all kids are the same, and some, intellectually, develop quicker than others, which is why this test determines the true brain age of children with a full assessment.

Be in the know on what your child lacks and in what areas, and put two and two together to figure out why.

Reassess external environmental factors; Research shows that, more often than not, a household situation and finances could affect a child’s cognitive performance. This means that a child’s intelligence could be reacting rather than acting, preventing them from rational thought.

Parents and children

Whether you are a young adult about to embark on the most rewarding chapter of your life in college, in between career shifts, or unsure about how to leverage your strengths in the right direction, you’d be happy to know that a half-hour head-scratching IQ test can come in handy.

Know the difference between being book-smart and people-smart; the intelligence of some people allows them to excel in the fields of medicine and engineering, while others, in art and business. Both of these segments could have different IQ scores, but they could be equally intelligent, and it’s a no-brainer that it is just in different ways.

Make the best out of every one of your skill set; the Stanford-Binet IQ test assesses the areas that make your logic work at its finest. Let those findings drive your intellect toward inspiring places that can actually be a lot farther than you think.

Educational institutions

Schools and universities are more than just academic spaces; they are quite complex environments where people grow up. It is our responsibility as the leaders of tomorrow’s generations to fuel them and give them an extra push whenever and wherever we can. Conducting IQ tests can help us all shape these kids for the future.

Contribute to their learning potential; a student’s capacity at learning constantly expands, but it can only do so with our awareness. With an extensive report from an IQ test, schools can easily determine what a student’s intellect possesses and lacks.

Support their character development; for being second homes to the youth for a very long time in their lifetimes, between the walls of schools are where their characters get shaped. A Stanford-Binet IQ test can enlighten teachers on best-practices to inspire and motivate their students.

Educational institutions

With the pace of the world going at a million horsepower, companies of all types are wasting no time in boosting the potential of their employees and workplaces, in order to make the best out of the caliber they house. Imagine the great places your business will go when you pin-point what makes each of your employees special with IQ tests.

Know your team members to retain talents and reduce turnover; with a thorough IQ assessment, you’ll be in on how each of their intellects function which can help you in communication and attending to their needs in the workplace.

Discover hidden skills that your employees can enjoy bringing to the table; every person has a hidden gem of a skill up their sleeves that they discover at a point in time, and you can be the one to make that discovery and use it to your advantage.

Developed and accredited by scientists at Stanford University and Harvard University.This IQ Test is the only accredited online version for the Stanford-Binet.* Preview includes questions from various age groups; actual test questions are age-specific.